Better customer experience; larger plane fleet!

A lesson about the importance of providing customers a good experience to stay competitive and thrive.

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Under the lens #7: Microinteractions

Microinteraction, the new superstar in the digital design world leaving designers everywhere scurrying to design and implement creative microinteractions. Some do this through neat animations, some through visual and few through audio. If you’ve been wondering what exactly a microinteraction is, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll look not only at […]

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Incomplete User Experien…

Ever experienced that warm, happy feeling when you walk back to your desk and your bluetooth peripheral (say, a speaker) automatically re-connects to your smartphone? Felt good, didn’t it? Now imagine this: you’re playing music on the bluetooth speaker; every time you leave your desk and get back, you have to manually pair your phone […]

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