Change from White and Gold TO Blue and Black…How?

This dress going viral on the internet is driving me crazy!!

Weird dress

I see it as a WHITE and GOLD dress, but all three of my roommates see a BLUE and BLACK one. As a designer, I usually take pride in saying that I see the world differently, but honestly, not with this stark of a difference, haha!

I do not want to even try to explain why this happens; there are tonnes of articles in the internet doing this right now, even as you’re reading this. But, what I do want to show you is this:

If you see a white and gold dress, you can also see a black and blue dress!

How, you ask? Read on!

So, I understood that the effect is due to over-exposure of the background i.e. too much BG bright light makes the dress appear the way it does. Those of us seeing whites and golds are NOT automatically adjusting to this bright light and hence it appears as whites and golds.

People were using all kinds of image processing methods to try to see it as blue and blacks again. Since I have a lot of interest in weird scientific phenomena and in colors, I was pondering over this effect on the eyes. Thinking about what I understood, I thought of a simple trick which might let me see it Blue and Black –– AND IT WORKED!

The trick

Changing the exposure setting in image editors can essentially be translated to, in this case, reducing the brightness of the background. I saw the picture on my laptop screen through a small pinhole –– covered the eye with both hands and opened a pinhole sized gap. I focussed on only the dress through this hole, covering the background completely on either sides of the dress. After about 7 seconds, I could see the dress turn Black and Blue! SUCCESS!

This doesn’t work even if a little of the BG light can be seen by you, so try covering it as much as possible – it does take a few tries, though!

I am so thrilled right now! I’ll surely try to reproduce this effect sometime in the near future with another piece of cloth!

Until then, enjoy all the weirdness the internet has to offer!

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