Under the lens : #3

I must thank the internet for leading me to yet another beautiful product. Called the SeeSV, it is a camera for detecting noise and vibrations in machines. Now, the tech used for this application has to be very precise. It captures vibrations from the environment and with the camera, it gives you a sound image! Pretty neat right? Here’s a link to the product if you absolutely need to know more about it.

Time to put SeeSV under the lens.

Award-Critique for awesome design

Brickbats first. With this product though, I couldn’t find many things that could be improved. Note that I didn’t say “wrong” and said “could be improved”. That’s because there is no right answer in design; there are good and usable designs, there are bad but still usable designs and then there are terrible, un-usable designs. There isn’t a wrong design.

The only thing that jumped out at me was the circles inside the pentagon. Why circles? Why not concentric pentagons? I think it disturbs the harmony on the front side. If the circles were all pentagons, the transition would have been much smoother. I do not know the reasoning behind the designer’s choice of circles for the front and I couldn’t think of any reason which would force the adoption of this geometry.

Now for the Bouquets! I imagined myself using this device and I was happy with it.

Award-Critique for awesome design

The handles are shaped ergonomically with a wider, marginally convex surface facing the palm and the narrow, not-so-tightly-curved portion on the opposite side, to be held onto by the fingers. This shape has been given a lot of thought as it matches the overall geometric shape of the device’s front, looks cool and is ergonomic. It looks wide enough to comfortably fit in the palms. 

The next feature is the angle at which the handles are oriented at. It helps us hold the device steady for prolonged periods when measuring noise from tall machines, which is a common use case in industries. Due to this angle, the front face is already tilted upward even when the wrist is horizontal. This helps avoid twisting and holding the wrist at an uncomfortable position. When noise from the eye level or below have to be measured, the wrist has to be twisted a little but in the downward direction, which is not comfortable, but is better than twisting it upwards.

The placement of the handles also deserves special praise. The outward flaring of the handles doubles up as a stand, which I think is a pretty neat feature. It has been elegantly designed too. The smaller, black handle in the middle is another valuable addition. It helps carry the device around, without having to be held by both hands. This adds to the overall usability of SeeSV.

Award-Critique for awesome design

Final words: The designer(s) behind this device have definitely put in a lot of thought and effort to make it aesthetically pleasing without sacrificing its usability. This manifests itself in that it is highly intuitive to use. The shape and position of the handles make it impossible for anyone to hold it in the wrong way, either with the face pointed toward them or just held upside-down. This is an example of a successful product design. Using people’s intuition as one of the factors to guide our design decisions will help create usable products. I like this device’s appearance on the whole. If I were to use it, I’d be happy doing it.

Do you think I missed out on something? Or do you have a different view on the product? Do share it with me. I’m eager to listen to the views and thoughts of others too! Everyone has a unique perspective and I appreciate and value it.

– Until then, Cheers!

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