nuts and bolts : take-off!

As a designer who likes designing products which can be manufactured using current methods and capabilities, it is of paramount importance to stay up to date with technology. And by technology, I don’t mean advancements in Artificial intelligence, computing power or materials alone, but with different mechanical and electronic mechanisms and systems as well. These can range from parts of a car engine and fastening mechanisms to the inner workings in your hard disk.

A vast repository of knowledge on various mechanisms makes one a versatile designer. For every problem related to mounting or moving stuff, we will be able to identify multiple solutions; all without the need to consult with engineers. Now, I’d like to clarify that I am not against working collaboratively, or against trying to “think outside the box”; I am saying that it is good for our own selves to know as much as we can. Such is the nature of our work. Industrial designers do do a good job of deciding on the best mechanisms to use, but there is also the possibility for a lot of cool mechanisms to go un-discovered. We might be exposed to them everyday without knowing it.

Nuts and Bolts is a new series of posts dedicated to cool, awesome mechanisms and systems which you might or might not have known about previously. So read on, enjoy and hopefully you will find something which could inspire and help bring your next great creation to fruition!


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